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A Note from Marion to Louella Parsons

This note was sent to Louella Parsons at Roosevelt Hospital in 1929. 
The note is from the collection of Darin Plotnick.


Dearest Louella -
                              Here's hoping by this
time the tonsils are reposing in a bottle
of alcohol.  Have one for me.
                        About that other little
matter you are having done I think I'll
try it myself.  My first husband lost
his watch, the second lost himself and
I haven't been able to find him so that's why
I'm wearing widow's weeds.
Do get well soon, old dear
and we'll have one grand party, champagne
'n everything.  Lot's of love -

[Note to readers - Marion's sense of humor was wonderfully warped, it's just a silly poem]

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