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Zander the Great

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1925
Available on video from Videobrary (818) 881-2640

Marion Davies, John Huff, Harrison Ford, Hedda Hopper.

Marion plays Mamie, an orphan who is beaten and abused in the orphanage. She finds a home with a kindly lady and her son, Alexander, who she calls Zander for short. Her adopted mother takes ill and dies, but Mamie has promised to help locate Zander's father in Arizona so they take off in a Model A. Zander has a few rabbits, which he brings along, and as they traverse across the country the rabbits multiply to the point of taking over the Ford! Once in Arizona they meet some rough hombres, one whom they think is Zanders father. Turning into a near western, there is even a gun fight. It turns out that Zander's father had died some time ago and one of the thugs had taken his identity to protect himself. In the end, Mamie and the reformed thug have become close. In a very beautiful closing scene, they all ride off (literally) into the sunset on horse back; Mamie and her new love, little Zander on a pony, and a zillion rabbits.