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The Young Diana

The Young Diana

Paramount Pictures
A Cosmopolitan Production, 1922
Written by Luther Reed from a story by Marie Corelli
Sets by Joseph Urban

Directed by Albert Capellani and Robert C. Vignola

Marion Davies, Maclyn Arbuckle, Pedro de Cordoba, Forrest Stanley, Gypsy O'Brien.

Marion Davies plays Diana May, who is in love with a sailor named Cleeve. Her Father wants her married into British nobility and a scientist looking for the fountain of youth falls in love with her. The scientist tricks her into thinking Cleeve has married, so she abandons her plans to wed him, only to discover 20 years later that it was a lie. She finds the scientist and he restores her youth but spurns the now married Cleeve. Diana wakes up, the preceeding has been a dream! She and Cleeve are married.