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The Patsy

aka The Politic Flapper
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1928
Directed by King Vidor

Marion Davies, Lawrence Gray, Marie Dressler, Jane Winton, Orville Caldwell, Del Henderson.

In one of the largest hits of her career, Marion Davies plays Patsy, the down-trodden youngest daughter of Del Henderson and Marie Dressler. The older daughter, Grace (Jane Winton) gets all the attention from their mother, while their father favors Patsy. Dad is over run by mom though, and Patsy ends up doing all the chores while Grace has fun and gets all the dates she wants. Patsy is in love with Grace's boyfriend who barely notices her. He gives her a bit of advice to catch a man, and she follows it to a tee; on him! To spite her sister, her father drives her to the home a wealthy playboy, who happens to be drunk. Trying to get his attention, she poses as Lillian Gish, hysterically as Mae Murray, and riotously as Pola Negri with a knife clutched in her teeth. This failing, she is caught at the house and a scandal breaks out which causes a fight between her parents. Everything is patched up in the end, her intended arrives at the house and asks her "By the way, who was that guy you were in love with?". Patsy blushes, ducks her head and says, "You". They embrace for a happy ending.