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Show People

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1928
Directed by King Vidor

Marion Davies, William Haines, Del Henderson, Charlie Chaplin (cameo), Mae Murray (cameo).

Possibly the greatest hit of Miss Davies' career was this story of Hollywood. It's a thinly disguised biography of Gloria Swanson, in fact, Marion does a mean Swanson throughout the picture with uproarious results. Little Peggy Pepper is brought to Hollywood by her father the Colonel to become a big dramatic star. Once there they meet comic star Billy Boone (Haines) and Peggy lands a job on a slapstick lot. Billy and Peggy fall in love, but Peggy does get discovered by a big studio and is artificially built up as a dramatic star. Peggy changes her name to Patricia Pepoire, and takes up with a phony count (another reference to the life of Swanson). Suddenly she's too big for Billy and ignores him. Patricia's ego grows bigger and more encompassing then her recent films and the studio threatens to dump her. Coming back to reality, she casts Billy in her latest love story, unbeknownst to him, and the final scene is cute as the two of them embrace for a final take and fail to stop when the director and cast have given up and vacated the lot. It was a silent but it was released with a Vitaphone musical soundtrack.