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Pirate Party at Catalina Island

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Short Subject, 1935

Marion Davies, Chester Morris, Lee Tracy, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Errol Flynn, Lili Damita, Johnny Downs, Buddy Rogers and his Orchestra, Mickey Rooney.

This is a short filmed in Technicolor at Catalina Island. Most likely it was an actor benefit show that was filmed and assembled later as a short. There are production numbers (ala Busby Berkeley), a cute song called "Smooth Sailing" by Johnny Downs, and many cameos by big names of the day. At one point, Chester Morris (who M.C.'s the short) says, "Ah......the Queen of the screen....Marion Davies." The camera pans the audience and there sits Marion..... on Cary Grant's lap! A later shot shows her applauding one of the acts. The color is spectacular and there is a beautiful swimsuit/boat show toward the end of the short. Buddy Rogers and his Orchestra are heavily featured and open dressed as famous movie stars.