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Peg O' My Heart (Now available on DVD from Warner Brothers!)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1933
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard
Running Time: 86 minutes

Sweetheart Darlin'.

Marion Davies, Onslow Stevens, Tyrell Davis, Mutt (the Dog).

Peg and her Father live in Ireland where whey fish for a living. Peg's Mother has died, but her family disliked her husband, so when a wealthy relative dies in England Peg is offered everything providing she leaves her Father. Not knowing she was leaving her father for good, Peg agrees to go and disembarks with handsome attorney Jerry (Onslow Stevens) for England.

Once there, Peg's estate has hired a problematic family to be her custodians. They abuse her terribly, as well as her dog Michael. Peg learns of an affair that the families daughter is having with a married man, and ends up saving the girls reputation by posing as the mans girlfriend for the press. Shamed, Peg, who has developed a fondness for Jerry, vows to return to England with or without her fortune.

Back in Ireland, a birthday party is thrown for Peg, and her dreams come true when Jerry arrives and proclaims his love for her.

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