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Not So Dumb

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1930
Directed by King Vidor

Marion Davies, Elliott Nugent, Franklin Pangborn, Donald Ogden Stewart.

Adapted from a hit stage play and 1923 silent film called "Dulcy", this is a story of a dimwitted fiance' who ruins everything she is exposed to. Dulcy (Marion Davies) invites her fiance's boss and a house full of half baked friends to her cabin for a weekend party. The intent is to butter up the boss so Gordy (the fiance) will be offered a larger share of the business.

Dulcy has a million sayings that are familiar to all of us, only she can never get them straight. "The early worm always gets the bird....."  The boss, Mr. Forbes, is rattled because his wife is spending too much time with a hair brained golfer, and because Dulcy won't leave him alone. This script was tailored for Marion and it fits her like a glove, the film is hilarious.

Dulcy helps Mr. Forbes daughter elope with a wacky screen writer who has just finished hours and hours of describing his latest picture called "Sin Throughout the Ages". Of course Dulcy has bungled her mission to impress the boss and soon Gordy is fired. The film ends happily though with everything resolved and Mr. Forbes daughter married to Dulcy's Brother.