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Marianne (Silent Version)

A Cosmopolitan Production, 1929
From the Story by Dale Van Every
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard

Marion Davies, Oscar Shaw, Robert Castle, Robert Ames, Scott Kolk, Mack Swain, Oscar Apfel

Marion Davies had a rough time getting this one to the theatres. This is the first incarnation of the film but was scrapped well into production. MGM decided to re-cast the film and re-shoot it as a talkie. The talkie version was completed then it was decided that there were not enough theatres equipped for sound so the silent version was completed and released at the same time. It probably had/has a Vitaphone sound score. The silent version is said to be better than the talkie version, especially the ending. The talkie version has all the wonderful music however, and we get to hear Marion talk for the first time. For a detailed account of the story, read the talkie version synopsis.