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Little Old New York

Little Old New York

The Goldwyn Corporation
A Cosmopolitan Production, 1923
Written by Luther Reed, based on the play by Rida Johnson Young
Sets by Joseph Urban
Directed by Sidney Olcott

Marion Davies, Harrison Ford, Mahlon Hamilton, Sam Hardy, Harry Watson, Andrew Dillon, Charles Kennedy.

Marion Davies plays Pat O'Day, who lives in Ireland with her Father and Brother. Her Brother inherits a fortune in America but dies on the boat while crossing the Atlantic. Determined to get the money, their Father dresses Pat up like a boy and passes her off to the courts. Interesting situations arise, particularly when Pat (as a boy!) and her male cousin are strangely attracted to each other. In the end, Pat reveals her true identity to everyone, leaving the door open for her amorous cousin.

Little Old New York is available on video from Grapevine Video:  PO Box 46161, Phoenix AZ. 85063.