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The Fair Co-Ed

aka The Varsity Girl
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1927
Directed by Sam Wood

Marion Davies, Johnny Mac Brown, Jane Winton, Thelma Hill.

Jazzy comedy about a girl named Marion (imagine that!) who's father insists she attend Bingham College. Marion doesn't want to go to bingham, which doesn't allow automobiles, until she spots a handsome Bingham athlete Bob (Brown). Once at the college, Marion proceeds to unseat the girl she presumes is Bob's sweetie by becoming the star attraction on the girls basketball team, with Bob as coach. There are topical jokes with "Lindy" T-shirts and frothy titles, and a school bon fire and sing-a-longwith the words on the screen. Marion is able to win Bob over by the end of the picture and after quitting the team briefly is restored to the star player status as she leads Bingham to victory in the final game.