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Clark Gable with Marion in CAIN AND MABEL

Cain and Mabel (Now available on DVD from Warner Brothers!)

Warner Brothers, 1936
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Running time: 90 minutes

Coney Island, I'll Sing You a Thousand Love Songs, Shadow Waltz, Here Comes Chikita.

Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Ruth Donnelly , Roscoe Karns, Allen Jenkins, Walter Catlett, Sammy White.

Mabel O'Dare (Marion Davies) is a waitress who is fired thanks to an unruly customer (Karns) and is forced to look for another job. Karns poses as a big promoter and lands Mabel a job as a showgirl. Larry Cain (Gable) is a heavyweight boxer in training who is kept awake by the pounding of Mabel's rehearsing on the floor above his at the hotel. The two clash with some funny interchanges and it's war from there.

Neither Cain's fights nor Mabel's show are doing well financially and their respective camps (unbeknownst to them) concoct a scheme to invent a romance between them.  Repugnant as it seems to them, the idea works and eventually they really do fall in love. Scared that their real life romance might hurt business their camps begin a campaign to break them up.

In the end, Cain losses a big fight because Mabel breaks into the stadium and disrupts his concentration. He tells her that everything he had was riding on that fight, she says not to worry since she wagered everything on his opponent. The two embrace for the finish.

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